The Peel Sessions

Soft Machine


Robert Wyatt

I can still remember
The last time we played on Top Gear
And tough each little song
Was less than 3 minutes long
Mike squeezed a solo in somehow

And although we like our longer tunes
It seemed polite to cut them down
To little bits
They might be hits
Who gives an...
After all
Tell me how would it feel
In the place of John Peel
You just can't please
All of the musicians
All of the time

Playing now is lovely
Here in the BBC
We're free to play
Almost as long
And as loud
As a jazz group
Or an orchestra on Radio Three

There are Dance Halls and Theatres
With acoustics worse than here
Not forgetting the extra facilities
Such as the tea machine
Just along the corridor

So to all our mates like Kevin
The old Pink Floyd
Allow me to recommend Top Gear
Despite its extraordinary name
Yes playing

Playing now is lovely
Here in the BBC
We're free to play almost as long and as loud
As the foreign language classes
And that John Cage interview
And the jazz groups
And the orchestras on Radio Three

Pop stars drink each other's wine
Plough each other's earth
Hoping for companionship
And then perhaps rebirth...