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Robert Wyatt


Robert Wyatt

Well, we're driving, uh, driving through Wiltshire, very nice countryside, sky, ground, all that sort of things, natural marriage, natural resorces and looking out the windows as I don't come from that part of the world and 1 said, er, what's that oyer there? in a sort of low grey concrete thing all surrounded by fields really very nice trees like a sort of low square of concrete like the fun-dations of a building that hadn't been built. It had little walls, little, about a foot high, or something, it looked like that, two feet high, in fact it was a sort of, on top of it, there was a flat roof and I thought, oh I see, and then, I pointed as the car got passed it «what was that ?» and the, the country person that was with me, er, said, oh, er, that's where they keep pigs, I tought, oh, yes, I see, that's where they keep pigs, and the sun was shining down and, er, the grass was green and It was all very lovely, driving in the country and I suddently thought that, that building must have been, like, from the inside.-. Pigs, in there, pigs in there ? pigs in there ? pigs in there ? pigs in there ? pigs in there ? pigs, on a day like this, in there, pigs in there, pigs huddled up in there, in die dark, in there, living in there ? pigs, in there, PIGS