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 Communist Celluloid - New Musical Express - 18 January, 1992


Robert Wyatt: would you put your money on Arsenal ? (PICTURE : TIM JARVIS)

Could you track down any information on a film made about ROBERT WYATT? it was being made around the time that 'Shipbuilding' was released, but that's all I know.
Bob Pearce, Warminster, Witts

I read somewhere that a ROBERT WYATT biography is being pieced together. Any details? Also, I wouldn't mind reading a list of his favourite albums.
B Stacy, Chiswick, London W4 .

First, the list of favourite albums.
Robert says: "I love doing this desert island stuff - much easier than writing tunes. Mind you, favourites aren't necessarily the ones I listen to most, funnily enough. I mean, some favourites are special occasion ones, an atheist's version of carols.

"What I play every day are hundreds of interchangeable flamenco, soul, and be-bop-hip-hop tapes. Anyway, I hope this list makes sense !

(1) 'Three Windows' - MJQ & The New York Chamber Symphony;

(2) 'The Jazz Giants '56' - LesterYoung, Roy Eldridge ,Jo Jones;

(3) 'Blue Trane' - John Coltrane (with Kenny Drew etc);

(4) 'Contemplation' - Yuse fLateef (with Nat Adderley etc);

(5) 'Casta '- Lole y Manuel (Andalusian singer/arranger);

(6) 'The Legendary Grupo lrakere ln London - Vol2';

(7) 'Kwela' - Gwigwi's Band ('67 LP wit hDudu Pukwana);

(8) 'Do It Yourself - Ian Dury & The Blockheads);

(9) 'Confessions Of A Pop Group'- The Style Council;

(10) 'Metal Box' - PiL.'

"' Regarding the film, Wyatt says that he and his wife, Alfie, were filmed for a Catalan TV programme called Arsenal around the time of 'Shipbuilding', but adds that Rough Trade put together a 20-minute video (presumably a promo for Wyatt's 'Dondestan' album) during the summer.

Finally, that biography. Says Robert: "A Mike King of Ontario, Canada, is conscientiously putting a kind of disco-gigography together but I think he's beginning to wonder why he decided to do it! We haven't yet met be he's visiting in the spring to check through the final draft."

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