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Robert Wyatt and Eddie Van Halen - Sun 11 Oct 2020

The Music Show with Andrew Ford on ABC Radio National

Eddie Van Halen
changed rock music via the keyboard, blues and tinkering with his guitars, in an attempt to strip the self-importance out of prog-rock. Ken Murray is Associate Professor in Guitar at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music and has followed Eddie for decades. He deconstructs this musician's style including that two-handed tapping technique.

Robert Wyatt was the drummer with UK band Soft Machine back in the 1960's. He also has one of the most singular singing voices in rock music. Elvis Costello and Clive Langer wrote Shipbuilding for that voice. Robert Wyatt's Greatest Misses, a compilation spanning his decades-long career has just been released along with a book Side by Side, co-written with his wife Alfie Benge. In 1973 Robert Wyatt fell from a window and became paralysed from the waist down, though it didn't stop his drumming or songwriting. Andrew Ford spoke to this gently spoken, modest musician from his home in Lincolnshire in 2011 and here it is again.

And The Maes Elsie and Maggie Rigby with their Body & Soul Read Ken Murray's article on Eddie Van Halen at The Conversation.

Duration: 55min 47sec
Broadcast: Sun 11 Oct 2020, 11:05am.

Music heard in the Eddie Van Halen interview
- Eruption
- Spanish Fly
- Glad That It's Over

Music heard in the Robert Wyatt interview
- Shipbuilding
- I’m A Believer
- Pigs... (In There)
- Lullaby for Hamza