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Robert Wyatt, Live and In Conversation

Gavin Esler In Conversation with Robert Wyatt
With music performed by Soupsongs
April 4, 2016 - University of Kent

The Chancellor of the University of Kent, Gavin Esler, invites you to join an evening of conversation with a leading public figure in a relaxed, informal format.

Robert Wyatt, legend of the Canterbury Scene, was the sixth and final guest of the 2015/16 series of Chancellor's conversations.

After welcoming Robert Wyatt to the University, Gavin Esler introduced Soupsongs who performed Robert Wyatt's songs throughout the evening.


- Annie Whitehead - trombone, vocals
- Jennifer Maidman - lead vocals, guitar
- Sarah Jane Morris - lead vocals
- Cristina Dona - lead vocals
- Brian Hopper - saxophones
- Mark Lockheart - saxophones
- Tim Harries - bass
- Janette Mason - keys
- Liam Genockey - drums