The Wind Of Change
Robert Wyatt
With The SWAPO Singers


NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS - 26th October, 1985

Robert Wyatt With The SWAPO Singers: The Wind Of Change (Rough Trade)

Steven Wells


If this record was as boring as the man's version of 'Shipbuilding' or as crass and insulting as his ode-to-a-mass-murderer 'Stalin Wasn't Stalling' then, one supposes, we'd get the usual dull whimperings of the 'pop and politics don't mix' fruitbats. Ha! It's a cracker. This is truly a righteous record. Though not quite as catchy as 'Free Nelson Mandela', the power of the melody and the simplicity of the message make this one of those all too rare great protest songs. The wind referred to is the wind of revolution. A fine sentiment and perhaps one that should be extended not only to the people of Namibia but also those of Poland and wherever working people kick against the bosses, eh, Robert?