Matching Mole


DEE JAY - Sound Of the Month - December 1972

MATCHING MOLE - "Little Red Record" - CBS 65260

John Peel


Contrary to what you may believe, a great deal of the best and most creative rock music comes from without the Anglo-American axis. Bands like Can, Amon Duul II, Faust and Neu from Germany, Komintern from France, Supersister and Focus from Holland are experimenting to a greater or lesser degree with a whole new range of sounds and experiences.
Because of their experiments they seldom achieve much popular stature in their own countries and the same fate may well befall Matching Mole in this country - and for the same reasons. As with nearly all experimental records this LP is not without flaws, but the successes that there are are remarkable - and they are not academic and unapproachable successes either. There's power, wit and skill involved throughout and drummer Robert Wyatt, keyboards man Dave McRae, guitarist Phil Miller and bass player Bill MacCormick have, with producer Robert Fripp of King Crimson and synthesizer star Eno, of Roxy Music, made an LP which is more accessible than a lot of the fashionable nonsense that makes the album charts.