I'm A Believer/Memories

Robert Wyatt


MELODY MAKER - 14th September 1974

Robert Wyatt : I'm A Believer (Virgin)

New Pop Singles Reviewed by Allan Jones


An INSTANT CLASSIC. Not content with producing one of '74's best albums with " Rock Bottom," Robert Wyatt has now come up with the best single for many years, with his remarkable remake/remodel of Neil Diamond's great song, written originally for the Monkees. Three minutes and thirty seconds of perfection, Pancho. Thrill to Fred Frith's expertly executed guitar and viola lines — his entry on guitar just after the first verse is amazing — and the asskicking rhythm section of Richard Sinclair and (we think) Nick Mason, all topped off by Robert's truly unique vocal performance. It builds beautifully toa shattering conclusion. Should rock the nation, shoot up them charts and give Virgin their first numero uno single. An all-time great.