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Five songs from A Robert Wyatt Story

Cinq morceaux extraits du documentaire de la BBC4 : Free Will and Testament - A Robert Wyatt Story (2003) réalisé par Mark Kidel.

- Robert Wyatt, vocals, trumpet
- Annie Whitehead, band leader, trombone, vocals
- Jennifer Maidman, lead guitar, vocals
- Liam Genockey, drums
- Janette Mason, keyboards
- Dudley Philipps, bass
- Larry Stabbins, saxophone
- Harry Beckett, trumpet
- Paul Weller, slide guitar


Sea Song


September The Ninth

Left On Man

Free Will And testament
  The musicians, many now firm friends, were equally enthusiastic. 'I loved it,' Paul Weller recalls. "The sound wasn't great, but aside from that, everything was great. And it was great to actually see Robert performing. I remember at the time, probably because I was pissed as well, I kept bugging him about live shows.' Like all Wyattophiles, Weller still dreams of an actual headline gig, although he is reconciled to the fact that it will probably never happen.

From Different Every Time - The Authorised Biography of Robert Wyatt by Marcus O'Dair (Serpent's Tail - 2014)

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