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David Gilmour Live At The Royal Albert Hall - 2006


  David Gilmour - Then I Close My Eyes
From the DVD "Remember That Night - Live At The Royal Albert Hall" - 2006.

"... Gilmour somehow managed to persuade Wyatt to go onstage at the Royal Abert Hall in 2006. 'He has one of those voice wich just tear at your soul', says Gilmour. 'There's the old cliché about singing the phone book, but he really does have a voice which endears itself to you and tugs at the hearstrings. But he's also a very, very accomplished musician'. [...]

Having wheeled onto the stage, Robert sat, fag in mouth, for five minutes without playing a note. But, when the time came, he distilled, deeply lyrical cornet solo curled like smoke above Gilmour's gently looping guitar part. The DVD
Remember That Night captures the guitarist's broad, and possibly relieved, smile as Robert takes off."

Different Every Time - Marcus O'Dair


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